Brisbane City 542.8 Megapixel View

12 Jan 2014, Posted by Michael
Brisbane City 542.8 Megapixel View

Ashley was lucky enough to be one of the first to get his hands on the new Phase One IQ180 medium format camera, this behemoth puts out a whopping 80 megapixel image, that’s 4x the resolution of Canon’s flagship DSLR. But what would you expect for $80K plus change!

To run it through its paces, Ashley headed out very early one morning and shot a panorama of Brisbane city from Kangaroo point to see what 80 megapixels and a $80k investment would relate to in terms of image quality. The depth of colour and the sheer amount of information that it captures in each frame is nothing short of mind blowing! The sensor and image size is so amazing that you can zoom in and see the colour of the folders on a shelf in an office¬†from the other side of the river… amazing!¬† Click on the sample images below to see the panorama in all it’s glory, make sure you click the full screen option to get the full effects. Have fun and let us know what you find.

542.8 Megapixel image

This image is slightly smaller at 192 megapixel but still very impressive to capture all the detail in low light conditions.

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  • Dan Proud
    June 25

    Looks amazing guys, must feel good to own the best camera on the planet! I recently bought a pre owned P65. Its a bit slow for a commercial shoot, but if you’ve got time to setup properly for a shot its mind blowing.

  • Fikirte Merdekios
    September 5

    Lol, So good!

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