Commercial Photographers Shoot: QCCU Mt Isa

28 Feb 2012, Posted by Michael
Commercial Photographers Shoot: QCCU Mt Isa

Our photography team had a great opportunity to travel to Mt Isa in central Queensland to shoot a series of corporate portraits and advertising photography for Queensland Country Credit Union. Shooting on location can be quite a challenge, it usually means getting up before the sun rises and shooting through to after it sets. This makes for some very long days, but the results far out way the exhaustion when you come back with great images.

Mt Isa was a fantastic location that really lent itself to shooting environmental portraiture. We sat down with QCCU’s marketing department and came up with art direction and shot concepts that would help communicate the key message of getting back to where it all begun for their 40th anniversary. So our aim was to capture the board members on location with Mt Isa in the background instead of the usual studio portraits that get produced due to time constraints and availability. During the initial location scout we found an amazing spot overlooking the town and mines that would be a perfect backdrop for the board portraits. If you have ever worked with board members before you will know that having their portraits taken is the equivalent of pulling teeth at the dentist, so we needed to make sure that the location, lighting and our team were ready to go as soon as the board arrived.

The second part of the brief was to shoot a series of advertising portraits of four local members and the branch managers. We spent a full day location scouting and shot planning to get the right look for this aspect of the portfolio. The direction we decided on was a more natural feel to help tie in with QCCU’s target market and brand identity. The miners portrait was shot using only the torches on our helmets, it was so dark down there that when you turned your torch off you could not even see your hand in front of your face, it was quite a disorientating experience.  For the branch managers we found a great location just out of town, the contrasting landscape from the deep brown of the rocky soil in the foreground through to the open green hills and deep blue sky in the background really accentuated the remote country feel we were after.  Check out the gallery below and our behind the scenes Hipsta prints from the shoot.   


Hipsta: On Location







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