Commercial Portraiture Photography: Walkabout – Bidyadanga

08 Sep 2010, Posted by Michael
Commercial Portraiture Photography: Walkabout – Bidyadanga

Last year we travelled to some amazing locations as part of an Indigenous portfolio we created for Centrelink(also see Yorke Island). One of the communities, Bidyadanga, was situated on the coast of La Grange Bay, which is 180 km’s south of Broome. It’s home to some of the nicest people and has amazing contrasts in landscape from dry red sand to pristine white coastlines merely a stones throw away.

Getting To Bidyadanga

To get to Bidyandanga, it’s a 2.5 hour flight out of Perth and a 3 hour drive from Broome. Unfortunately we got our departure times a little mixed up and missed our morning flight by 3o mins. It actually worked out for the best as on that day Broome experienced huge bush fires which shut down the major roads, it also lit up the horizon and made for a spectacular sunset as we flew in that night.

On the way to Bidyadanga we stopped off to get a portrait of Maria, our community liaison. To give you an idea how isolated the location was, the red dirt road went on for km’s and the entire time we were shooting not one car passed us by.

The People

Bidyadanga was a great experience and one that we will never forget, we got to meet some lovely people and capture great imagery on location. Below you will see some of the portraits we captured and a brief look at the people in front of the lens.

Margaret and Kitty

The image below of Margaret & Kitty has to be one of our favourite frames from the shoot, they were sitting outside the Bidyadanga General Store just talking and enjoying each others company, when we setup to take their photo, they could not stop laughing which added a beautiful dynamic to the frame.

Meridoo Walbidi

Meridoo is one of the community elders and a photographers dream, he was a man of few words but had an air of quite strength about him. We have put together a gallery (below) from behind the scenes of his shoot. The location we chose for Meridoo’s portrait, was an isolated area a short drive out from the community, it really leant itself to the type of shot we were after.

Thomas, Dallas and Bruce

Sometimes it’s the opportunity shots that work out best, whilst walking down the main street lugging our equipment, we were called over by Bruce, Dallas and Thomas to take their photo. We explained what we were doing and they were really keen to have their photo taken.


Talk about remote, Bidyadanga is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by amazing Australian bush land, the only way in and out is by 4Wd.  Below we have put together some images of the community and surroundings, it’s great to see the contrast in landscape from the deep red soil to the white sands of the coastline backing on to the community.

Gone Walk About Gallery

Here are a selection of final edited images from our time at Bidyadanga, we would like to thank everyone from the community who helped with the photo shoot and making our time so memorable.

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  • Susan
    September 8

    Thank you for a another lovely newsletter – each one outdoes the last! Magic photography. Where can I get a job like that – out in the bush and no suits and high heels!! HEAVEN!!
    Keep up the good work. If ever you need an Office Manager – call me!!

  • Leni Hoier
    September 8

    Ashley and Michael,
    I LOVE, LOVE, L|O|V|E your work! I look forward to receiving your newsletter and seeing what you guys have been up to. Amazing shots. Amazing country. Amazing people. Well done, fellas and keep it coming.

  • Ray
    September 10

    I would have loved to have shot some footage with you on the walkabout shoot….hit me up with the details of what u guys are thinking of shooting.

  • loraine fox
    May 21

    Kevin my husband and I lived in Bidyadanga and got our son while we were there. love love love the people the beach even the red dirt. I often think of them mob and wonder how it is going now a days.
    would love to return one day.
    love the new store! well done!
    lots of love from the FOXYS

  • Rosanna Wright
    July 5

    Thats a great photo shot of my mothers, rest of the family and friends too .
    Great photos of the Bidyadanga and the red dirt too.

  • Lloyd
    March 6

    Had the pleasure of living in the area in 2001. Beautiful place and people.

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