Commercial Photography Creative Day – Ferrari 458

20 Mar 2012, Posted by Michael
Commercial Photography Creative Day – Ferrari 458

Well it’s that time again where our team get to let there hair down and flex their creative muscles. This time we wanted to fulfill a childhood dream and get up close and personal with a beautiful Italian… sports car. The Ferrari 458 is a marvel of design and engineering and what better car to shoot for one of our creative days.

When we started looking for a car to shoot, we were somewhat naive to think that we could easily get access to a $600 thousands dollar super car, our optimism soon turned to hope, then prayer, then grovelling. After exhausting all avenues, we got an email out of the blue from a Ferrari 458 owner who was happy to help out. The team sat down and designed shots, locations and scenarios for each of our concepts to get the angles and perspective right in the studio.

Pre Visualisation

In the studio.

We dusted off our public liability insurance, booked the studio and spent the first hour of the shoot giggling like a bunch of school girls at the end of year dance. Hearing the car roar to life when we started the engine was an experience in itself, somewhat different then the 4cyl go-go mobile we’re used to. The Ferrari 458 was quite a tricky car to light, the contour of the body panels meant Ashley and Hormuzd needed time to study the car in detail. We teamed up with talented video production friends Ramon Piracha and Lachlan Fletcher (Studio 18a) to shoot behind the scenes video on the day.


A Crazy Day: Studio Time Lapse: (cue Benny Hill music)

The Car: Ferrari 458 (video by Ramon Piracha :WIP)

Behind the Scenes: (production by Lachlan Fletcher Studio 18a)

On Location

Once we had the assets of the car, the next step was to shoot the backgrounds, this meant getting up at 4:00 am and heading into Brisbane city to shoot the Story Bridge at first light. The next location was a remote road along a water reservoir in Esk south west of Brisbane, it was a little more tricky as we could not simply stop off on the side of the road and setup a tripod. Ashley and Hormuzd devised a way to mount the camera to the front of our van, then by doing many laps of the road until they got background asset needed.  

Final Concepts

For each concept we wanted to create a different look and feel, not only to challenge us technically but to create images that captured the essence of the car,  the excitement and lifestyle. Technically this was a big undertaking, each image took days in photoshop to blend, render and embed the car into each scene.

The red 458 image was created as more of a static product image that places more emphasis on the car.  The inspiration for the background came from a few different sources, it was done by blending together multiple image assets and digitally illustrating key elements to create a very unique interior space.

For the yellow 458, we set out to capture the sensation of speed and freedom when driving down an empty open road in a exotic super car. It was quite a difficult concept to combine the lighting, placement of vehicle, negative space and the visual contrast to match the car. Once again the background was created from multiple image assets that were blended together painstakingly to produce this very unique stretch of road.

In the final 458 concept our goal was to create an image that captured the pure joy of driving a Ferrari. We wanted the background to compliment the vehicle and needed to strip the cityscape down to it’s bear minimum, so as not to overshadow the car.

It was a fantastic Creative Day and one that allowed us to live out our childhood dream. A big thank you to the car owner, we really appreciate it. 

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  • Jayden Lawson
    March 21

    Incredible stuff guys – that all came together magically! The silver shot is my new desktop….

  • ray
    March 23

    Guys, can we do one more of these? with this car. I have the car mounting rigs now. We could actually create something truly amazing. I was thinking the exact thing with the ultimate car club shoot but its very hard to do a shoot like this on the harbour bridge in sydney. Let me know if the car still available.

  • Fikirte Merdekios
    September 5

    I am one day drive this car.

  • Vallerie
    January 12

    Excellent concept and brilliantly executed! Well done guys.

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