Creative Days – James Johnston

28 Mar 2012, Posted by Michael
Creative Days – James Johnston

We were recently approach by Australian Idol finalist James Johnston to shoot a series of location portraits for his next album and marketing material. We though this would be a perfect opportunity to test out the new Phase One 80 megapixel medium format camera. 

 We sat down with James to discuss the art direction and key demographic for his shoot and Ashley had an amazing location picked out for him on top of an old building overlooking the city with an old rusted sign on the roof. Unfortunately after weeks of negotiations the body corporate would not allow us access so it was back to the drawing board. As it turned out, we were granted access to the roof by the building manger a few weeks after the shoot :( We will have to keep it in mind for next time.

We had a few locations picked out for James to give the urban grungy feel he was after, the first was an old lane way in Brisbane city, unfortunately it was right outside the back entrance of Hooters.  After a few hours dodging traffic and unsavoury onlookers we headed to location 2 which was an abandoned warehouse that Dale found. This location was a photographers dream! but when we arrived to start shooting so did the Police. After having a chat and a few phone calls we had it all sorted and on with the shoot. In the gallery below you will see the police pretending to arrest James, they were fantastic sports and James loved it.

The Phase One IQ180 was an amazing camera, but what else would you expect for $80,000. The hardest part about using the demo unit was trying to convince Ashley that we can’t invest $80k in a new camera right now. He’s still want’s one anyway.  The quality is staggering, in the gallery below  check out the image of James sitting on the stairs, it was shot in a pretty dark environment. The back wall was in total darkness but with the IQ180 there was so much latitude in the raw file that we could raise the exposure levels in post production so much that it would bring back all the detail in the shadow to see object that were not even visible by eye.

Behind the Scenes Gallery


Final Post Produced Images


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