Merry Christmas – 2010’s Christmas Card

15 Dec 2010, Posted by Michael
Merry Christmas – 2010’s Christmas Card

Each year our creative team sit down and look at the major events that happened around the world and think of a funny ways to integrate it into our Christmas card. Last year it was the Global Financial Crisis, this year we decided to take a risk and target an Australian icon, Qantas. Take a look at what went into this years artwork and see if you can find the hidden anomaly buried in the snow.

For many years Qantas has been know worldwide for their safety and reliability, however over the past few years they have been outsourcing flight maintenance to countries that, let just say don’t have our strict quality control measures. Since then their fleet has experienced all sort of flight issues and are constantly making headlines. Hormazd came up with the concept of santa experiencing flight maintenance issues and having Santa and his reindeers make an emergency landing in the snow. Below you will find the artwork and what went into creating our 2010 Christmas card.

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Model Santa

Unfortunately Santa was unavailable for the photoshoot, he gave us a load of excuses about being too busy around this time of year, nag nag nag. . .  =P

So we needed to find another way of getting a shot of Santas legs sticking out of the snow. We searched our image library and various stock agencies and could not find anything. We went back to the drawing board and came up with the idea to find a model Santa Claus,  after searching through more Christmas shops than we care to remember, we found the perfect one.  The only problem was it cost over $200 dollars and we only need it for an hour. After some smooth talking with the shop owner we managed to hire it for $20 and get the shot we needed.

Creating the Snow Scene

As with all our work, we start every project with a simple loose sketch. This then becomes the basis of our final designed artwork. Using a few of the snow assets from last years card, Hormazd quickly fleshed out a rough scene in pencil & marker. When it came time to compose the final layout in photoshop, our sketched blueprint was a handy reference point to ensure all our various digital assets, illustrative elements & effects, fit together nice and snug.

The layer cake

In reality, our emergency landing snow scene would’ve involved a great number of physical assets, special effects and one heck of a cold location. However with very little time and christmas deadline looming, the only conceivable way to create this fantasy was with advanced layering in photoshop. There were over 130 seperate elements, layers & effects to create the entire scene and each one had to be blended seamlessly together to create the final image. A pleasure we reserved our resident photoshop guru Hormazd. He’s still sees flashes of santa & snow everytime he blinks!

Did you find the Anomaly?

Last years Christmas card was about the Global Financial Crisis and Santa having to make a few cut backs (click here to see our 2009 Christmas card). Hidden in the background under piles of snow is our tribute to that beat up old Santamobile. From all the team at Fullframe, we hope you have a great Christmas and all the best for the new year.

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  • AJ
    December 23

    If the anomaly is buried IN the snow, it can’t be seen! ha Ha
    Always enjoy your newsletter.
    Hope you and family have a wonderful Christmas.
    Love AJ x

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