Profoto B1 Review

11 Jan 2014, Posted by Michael
Profoto B1 Review

As professional photographers, we travel a lot and demand our gear to perform when its needed most, and thats exactly why we’re long time Profoto users – after a bad and very expensive incident with another well known lighting brand.

Lee from Camera Pro Brisbane was kind enough to get a set of the pre release Profoto B1’s to try out. Our Portfolio is very diverse, one day we’re shooting a full production for an ad campaign and the next aerials from a helicopter then ground photography on an engineering project.  So what better place to test these out than on a hot dusty mine site in Moranbah , Central Queensland, in the hottest month of the year. First impressions, these are compact. The biggest and most significant feature is the portability coupled with its reliability. This is the first Profoto flash unit with the battery included in the head. It clamps right onto the side which makes moving around for hours with these very easy. A great change from lugging around the 11kg Batpac plus our D1’s, and faster and easier than the comparable Acute B2 system.

The second major advantage to the B1 is the ability to change the power settings from the trigger. If we need an extra stop or 2 and the flash is 100m away, it’s extremely easy to adjust the power from the on camera trigger.


Ultimately these flashes are the next generation of studio lights for location work. Size and weight capabilities of these new units means we can produce high quality work for our clients on location with minimal weight and they proved to be as reliable as the rest of our Profoto gear.



Dale Travers

Commercial Photographer




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  • Neil Ruskin
    August 22

    Great review and photography. I would love to get a set in the near future after seeing your work.

    Keep it up guys,


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