The Escape

20 Oct 2015, Posted by Michael
The Escape

As much as we love shooting work for our clients, We as photographers like to push ourselves and get creative. This concept was a long time in the making and a lot of Fun to do.

One of our Assistants “Stefan Cooper-Fox” is a very talented actor in his own right. One day we were all sitting around the studio and chatting when he told us about one of the characters he’s been working on, a steam punk inspired nutty professor named Professor Bottom. This got the creative juices going and starting spit balling ideas around for our next creative day and the rest is history! Check out the Behind the scenes video and final image below.

Escape 1It was a big team effort to make this possible. Pre Production: Michael Roach, Model: Stefan Cooper-Fox, Hair&Make-up: Jodie Gutierrez, Photographer: Dale Travers-Photographer, Assistant: Ashley Roach, Post Production: Aaron Ford, Custom Motorbike built and supplied by Tim Newman

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