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04 Aug 2010, Posted by Michael
Zoom Zoom

One of our secret passions are beautiful sports cars, we just wish we could afford one or have more spare time to shoot them, damn you work commitments! However on an advertising photography shoot for a chain of car wash’s we got a golden opportunity to shoot a Porsche. 

If the Stig had an illegitimate Persian love-child, with no driving ability but an overwhelming passion for cars, he would have called him Hormuzd. The man lives and breathes cars, so much so he decided to render his own from scratch. When the opportunity to shoot a Porsche as part of an advertising photography shoot, Hormuzd’s eye lit up like a kid experiencing his first sugar rush. Needless to say we needed no encouragement to setup the lights on location and shoot some great images. Below you will find a quick sneak peek video on location and gallery of images from the shoot.

On Location

The results

5 Comments so far

  • David
    August 5

    Great stuff, really love the clean lighting.

  • Susan
    August 5

    Thanks guys for washing my car – really appreciate it!!

  • Jayden
    August 9

    haha @ Susan. Great shoot guys – looks awesome!!

  • hoji
    August 9

    Some say that if you hold down command+shift+option+H on a mac keyboard, while softly chanting the A-Team theme song, he will appear before you like a ninja.

    All we know is, he is called Hormazd Khodaiji =P

  • Rayo
    August 9

    Nice one bruz!!

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