Profoto B1 Review

As professional photographers, we travel a lot and demand our gear to perform when its needed most, and thats exactly why we’re long time Profoto users – after a bad and very expensive incident with another well known lighting brand.


Creative Days – James Johnston

We were recently approach by Australian Idol finalist James Johnston to shoot a series of location portraits for his next album and marketing material. We though this would be a perfect opportunity to test out the new Phase One 80 megapixel medium format camera.  (more…)

Spinal Injuries Association – Seat at work

Check out the images we created for a recent campaign for Spinal Injuries Association. The campaign was for their Spinal Injuries Awareness Team (S.E.A.T) targeting the mining and construction industry.  (more…)

Dept of Communities – Skateboarding shoot

Its been awhile since we have had two spare second to write a blog post so we looked back through the image library and put together a few interesting shoots from 2012. We shot this for the Department of Communities in Queensland as part of the The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. (more…)

Event Photography Overload!

Hormazd took this screen shot after feeling somewhat overwhelmed at the 5357 images he needed to sort through after our event photography shoot for the Urban Country Music Festival. After three days of shooting, it took 8 hours to simply go through and select the images for final post production. A small glimpse at the not so glamorous life of a post production artist.  10 points if you can see where he was up to!

P.s We will have more images and write up from this project soon.

Zoom Zoom

One of our secret passions are beautiful sports cars, we just wish we could afford one or have more spare time to shoot them, damn you work commitments! However on an advertising photography shoot for a chain of car wash’s we got a golden opportunity to shoot a Porsche.  (more…)

Noah’s Ark and the Bondi Vet

For those of you who watch Bondi Vet (who doesn’t), you may recognise the young Dr Chimes featured in these advertising images for Noah’s Ark Pet Insurance.  (more…)

Fullframe vs The Boxer

It was no surprise, we did not want to get in the ring with David Turner a former Australian Boxing champion, the man could knock us out with his little finger, just look how hard he hits the boxing bag.  Behind his amazing speed, skill and power was a very personable, friendly character with a real passion for his sport. (more…)

Yorke Island

One the greatest aspects about photography is the opportunities it presents to travel and experience amazing people, places and cultures you otherwise only read about. Last year we had the opportunity to travel to some really remote locations around Australia in connection with an Indigenous portfolio we did for Centrelink, below is a brief look at one of the most amazing places on earth and some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. (more…)

A dogs life.

WARNING! This post contains epic amounts of cuteness. Viewers beware. Oooh’ing & awww’ing may be involuntary! (more…)