Profoto B1 Review

As professional photographers, we travel a lot and demand our gear to perform when its needed most, and thats exactly why we’re long time Profoto users – after a bad and very expensive incident with another well known lighting brand.


Stitching Time

Time lapse photography is the dark horse of the photographic industry, the thin grey line between video production and still photography. Over the past few years we have been asked to capture more and more, so we decided to show a few we’ve created and one by an American company (Aero Film) that is simply beautiful.



For this months creative day we decided to explore the concept, what would happen if gravity was suddenly switched off? The creative team came up with three concepts, spontaneous flight, walking the dog, and city wide chaos. These will all be revealed over the coming months but here is your first look at behind the scenes from the shoot and a sneak peek at some of the assets we will be using for the final images. (more…)

The Tunnel

After 5 years, over 11,000 workers, 2 Tunnel Boring Machines and more money than you or I will ever see in a 1000 lifetimes, Brisbane’s Clem Jones Tunnel was delivered 7 months ahead of schedule. (more…)

We don’t do weddings…

Bridezillas, family feuds, drunken mayhem and embarrassing speeches…