Creative Days – James Johnston

We were recently approach by Australian Idol finalist James Johnston to shoot a series of location portraits for his next album and marketing material. We though this would be a perfect opportunity to test out the new Phase One 80 megapixel medium format camera.  (more…)

Would you pay $4.3 million for this photo?

On November 8th 2011 a new record was broken for the most expensive photo to be sold at auction, unfortunately it was not one of ours. German artist Andreas Gursky, sold his photograph of the Rhine River at Christies Auction house in New York for a staggering $4.3m.


Merry Christmas – 2010’s Christmas Card

Each year our creative team sit down and look at the major events that happened around the world and think of a funny ways to integrate it into our Christmas card. Last year it was the Global Financial Crisis, this year we decided to take a risk and target an Australian icon, Qantas. Take a look at what went into this years artwork and see if you can find the hidden anomaly buried in the snow.