Profoto B1 Review

As professional photographers, we travel a lot and demand our gear to perform when its needed most, and thats exactly why we’re long time Profoto users – after a bad and very expensive incident with another well known lighting brand.


Freedom Pools

Freedom Pools commissioned us to photograph their new range of pools over South East Queensland. Our aim was to lift the quality of the brand and enhance the craftsmanship of their product for advertising and marketing material. After location scouting each pool we then headed out to destinations such as Esk, Joyner, Pullenvale and Mt Cotton. Here are the results.


Creative Days – James Johnston

We were recently approach by Australian Idol finalist James Johnston to shoot a series of location portraits for his next album and marketing material. We though this would be a perfect opportunity to test out the new Phase One 80 megapixel medium format camera.  (more…)

Spinal Injuries Association – Seat at work

Check out the images we created for a recent campaign for Spinal Injuries Association. The campaign was for their Spinal Injuries Awareness Team (S.E.A.T) targeting the mining and construction industry.  (more…)

Dept of Communities – Skateboarding shoot

Its been awhile since we have had two spare second to write a blog post so we looked back through the image library and put together a few interesting shoots from 2012. We shot this for the Department of Communities in Queensland as part of the The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. (more…)

Rewind – Top Picks of 2010

It’s been an amazing year for Fullframe, we have traveled around Australia working on some big projects, met inspiring people, successfully launched our iPhone application “iRelease”, created a new website and blog, but best of all we have had lots of fun along the way. We look back at our favourite images captured during the year and share our thoughts and experiences that went into creating each Image.


Has Digital Made Us Lazy?

Photography has changed significantly over the past 15 years since the onset of digital, but has it been a change for the better or has it just over simplified things and made us too reliant on technology?


Tutorial – Photographers’ Basics

Believe it or not in the fundamentals of photography have not changed in over 100 years, you still have a box with a lens attached that allows light in to records images onto a film plane or digital sensor. So what are the fundamentals and how will it make me a better photographer? (more…)

Tutorial – Au Naturel

I know what you’re thinking, shame on you! This tutorial has nothing to do with nude people or nakedness of any kind. What we are discussing is how to take advantage of the cheapest light source around, natural light. Below is an easy guide on how to use natural light in your photography and the equipment and techniques that will make all the difference.   (more…)