Commercial Photographer Profile – Ashley Roach

In this small series, we take a brief look at the back stories for each member of Fullframe and how they got their start in the photographic industry. To start off we look at our Creative Director and Lead Commercial Photographer Ashley Roach, and reflect on his earlier days as a military photojournalist. (more…)

Fullframe Origins – Anna

We finally get a chance to interrogate the ever so talented, Anna Wilshire, and find out how she got started as a professional photographer. We go back to her early days as a zoo keeper and see how it influenced her to pursue a career as a photographer. (more…)

Fullframe Origins – Hormazd

We continue our look at the back stories of each member of the Fullframe team, for this post, we interrogate Hormazd Khodaiji (Our Designer & Post Production Artist).  Some say, that he was not born, but rather crafted out of pixels by Adobe scientists, one thing is for sure, he lives and breathes design, photoshop and all things creative. For the first time we take a look at his early work, personal projects and backstory. (more…)