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We believe an image should be more than just a nice photograph – it needs to deliver your brand identity, create an emotional connection and trigger responses. Fullframe Photographics is a team of professional commercial photographers, retouching artists and production assistants with extensive experience in co-ordinating photo shoots ranging from local Brisbane event photography, through to complex multi-site photo shoots across Australia.

We work with you throughout the entire creative process to ensure you get exactly what you need to successfully communicate your company, product or people through photography. So what goes into producing a quality image? It all comes down to three essential things: proper planning, years of experience and quality post production.





 Pre-Production and Planning


As a full service commercial photographic studio based in Brisbane, we can help you with location scouting, art direction, shot planning, hiring models, make-up artists, sets, props and organising logistics. Our goal is to make your whole project as simple and seamless as possible.

Our team of photography professionals are there to help manage the entire creative process. We start with initial pre-production and shot design by analysing your brand identity, discussing how you will be using the images, and the desired target audience.

We have even created a free online client lounge that gives you the tools to request a proposal, finalise briefs, and download helpful tips on getting the most out of your photo shoot.


 Location and Studio Production


Location photography can present its own unique set of challenges but yield fantastic results. We have many years experience shooting in some of the toughest environments around the world, from underground tunnelling projects through to some of the most remote areas of Australia.

To create strong commercial, corporate and advertising photography our team use the best Canon professional series cameras and lenses. Accompanied by qualified photographic assistants and Profoto lighting equipment, this allows us to focus on what's important – producing the best quality images.

We want you too feel apart of the creative process and welcome your feedback and input during the photo shoot, ask about our dedicated location iPad to instantly proof images live from the camera.


 Post Production and Retouching


Once the image is captured, it goes through a series of proofing checks, back up and storage by our dedicated in-house post production and digital retouching artist.

This ensures each image is colour corrected, cleaned, optimised, retouched to our exacting standards and backed up to our digital asset management system.

Fullframe are one of the only commercial photography studios in Brisbane with a dedicated post-production and retouching artist. This means you get simply stunning images, on time and on budget.

If you require images for a pressing deadline, ask us about our secure online image gallery.

Your Custom DVD Package




We back up and store all of the Raw and post produced files from your project to our digital asset management system. This ensure that each frame is kept safe and secure.

If you have misplaced your disc or require additional copies, simply email us and we will organise a replacement for you.

High resolution Tiff files are provided for print & press.


Compressed Jpeg files are web & email ready.

PDF Proof sheets for quick & easy image browsing.


Digital model and property release forms provide better legal protection and peace of mind. (Release forms are obtained when applicable)




Your Images are delivered on a customised DVD package complete with high resolution Tiff files for print media, compressed JPEG for web applications, PDF proof sheets for easy browsing and digital model release forms created with our iPhone application iRelease.




See one of our photo shoots in action: 2011 Creative Day - Casey Barnes

Our Guarantee of Quality

We believe in and back our experience, quality and creativity. We guarantee to deliver you professional quality images for your project or you pay nothing for our services. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your images, just let us know. We will arrange a re-shoot and if you are still unhappy, we will fully refund your fee. It is as simple as that!




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Title: Fullframe Photographics Process - Brisbane Commercial Photography
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