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"My love for photography began when I started work as a zoo keeper, by simply trying to capture images of the animals I worked with. I wanted people to see what I saw. However, I started to grow more concerned with composition, colour and technique, more than merely wanting to have a photo of my favourite animals.

That’s when I decided that photography was really a perfect choice for me and so I went on to study it. It’s been over 10 years since then and I have been involved with the industry in varying degrees ever since.

I have worked in professional photo-labs, owned a pet photography business and shot everything from orang-utans in Borneo to six million dollar penthouses in Maroochydore.







Dropping me back in India would be a dream photo shoot for me. I love being a fly on the wall and capturing life, without it knowing it. Especially in countries that are so rich in colour, life and culture.

To capture a photo that makes people stop and think for two seconds about life and reality outside their box would not only be a dream shoot but a life goal.

Well in general I believe that things always happen for a reason and we create everything that exists in our lives, both good and bad. Therefore, the philosophy I live by I guess is ‘be accountable and aware of your thoughts and actions, and to not only improve your own life but also the people around you… compassion is contagious!’







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Title: Professional Photographer - Anna Wilshire
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