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Ashley Roach

Lead Photographer- Art Director

"Like most commercial photographers my interest in photography started off as a hobby. Being an adventure seeking 17 year old who had more testosterone than brain cells, I spent every spare moment with my mates climbing up things just to jump off them. Photography, really started off as way to capture what we were doing and the crazy situations we constantly found ourselves in. It wasn’t until I joined the army that I developed an interest in the creative aspect of photography and the ability to tell a story through a frame.

My professional photography career began in the Australian Defence Force as a regular soldier. I would take my camera out on exercises and patrols and ended up being given the role as Battalion Photographer.

After a few years my work started being recognised and was popping up on various magazine covers and in numerous public relation campaigns.







Following this, I was recruited as defence photo-journalist and the next four a half years were spent travelling around global hotspots like Afghanistan, The Persian Gulf, Kuwait and Timor Leste. My passport read more like a top ten list of places unfit for travel, but the experiences afforded to me during this time fundamentally shaped the way I look at photography and the images and stories I try to capture. One of my fondest memories starting out was when my training instructor wrote on a report that my creativity was getting in the way of taking technically sound photographs.  I have kept that report and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Professionally, I have been shooting in excess of 10 years now. After leaving the military I started Fullframe, driven by the passion to create amazing images and to continue to grow my skills as a professional photographer.


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Ashley Roach, Commercial Photographer


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Title: Lead Commercial Photographer - Ashley Roach
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