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"Extreme sports has been my passion since the age of 15. When our stunts began getting serious my dad gave me a camera and said: “if your going to get injured on those rollerblades you better start capturing the tricks you land” So then it began. Traveling around the country and then the world I started capturing our lifestyle on film and later digital. That’s when I decided that photography was really a perfect choice for me and so I went on to study it.

I love sports and the dedication it takes to become a professional, working on a large advertising campaign for a sports brand where I can experience lots of different locations with sports identities excelling on their own field including underwater work for swimmers, track and field and extreme sports. I’m driven forward everyday with a positive attitude and the belief if I keep working hard and progressing my photography, someone will notice and hopefully a career will ensue.







Traveling around Europe and America. Spending months backpacking around and shooting rollerblading was amazing. A new city every 3 days, new spots to skate, new places to shoot and new people to meet. When you have limited time to set-up and shoot the photo, your skills are honed and your photos get better. It was great stomping ground to improve my photography before returning to Australia.

Being a full time commercial photographer and working for a great team has been a dream of mine for many years. it's a privilege created by oneself through years of hard work and determination and to be able to make a living from something I love, is challenging and rewarding on a daily basis.








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Title: Commercial Photographer - Dale Travers
Kewords: commercial photographer, professional photographer, photographer assistant