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General Manager

 "I started out in sales in a small Cash Converters store in the Northern Territory, which I am happy to admit is perhaps the lowest rung on the corporate ladder. But I figure, if I could sell a suspect toaster I could sell anything.

So from somewhat humble beginnings, I moved on to study Marketing & Advertising at a Western Australian university.

After hitting the books, I got my first break working for Lasermail, a direct marketing and mailing house in East Perth. Like most university students entering the workforce, I quickly realised that I knew nothing about what goes on in the real world and learned more in my first year there than my four year degree. It was precisely this opportunity that shaped the way I look at marketing and business, and allowed me to apply those lessons learnt to Fullframe.







It's not often that people really get to say that they love what they do, for me working in an environment that fosters creativity, and being a part of a close knit creative team where all the individuals do something they love and bring a unique talent to the table is a dream come true.

I get a real sense of satisfaction watching the company and team grow as we continue to our goal of being the best commercial photographic studio in Australia. Professionally, if I was to live by any saying, it would be a small inscription on a poster my father had on his office wall, saying ‘Think Big’, with a tiny ant trying to eat a giant watermelon. Start small but think big!


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Title: General Manager - Michael Roach
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