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Retouching, Design & Creative Lead

"Growing up with a rather over-active imagination, I always enjoyed drawing, often sketching out futuristic scenes before building them with my lego set.

When my parents bought their first mac, the digital environment soon became a wonderful source of inspiration & a creative outlet. Naturally in high school I leant toward subjects like Art, Technical Illustration, Film and Computer Studies, which inevitably drew me towards pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Design.

Since University, I’ve been lucky enough to experience the many facets of the design industry, starting off with Graphic design, packaging, then to Product & Web design, Events Drafting, Product Visualisation, 3D Animation, Commercial Photography, Image editing & Post production.










I love creating, which is driven by a strong passion for life, its experiences and many wonderful possibilities.

I have been in the creative industry for almost 10 years now and I've loved every minute of it. For me, a dream job would be one that inspires even one person to go out and enjoy life. If I could shrink my life’s philosophy into a sentence it would probably be, get inspired and inspire others".


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Title: Creative Lead & Multimedia Design - Hormuzd Khodiji
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