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Make up Artist

"I originally started out in beauty therapy, but after 10 years decided Iʼd like a challenge and applied to teach it instead.

After a few years my husband and I started a family and I was lucky enough to work part time teaching just the makeup module. I loved it so much that I decided to drop the teaching and start freelancing, that was about 3 years ago now and it has been the best decision I ever made.

Iʼve been working with makeup for about 5 years now are really enjoy the industry, people and challenges.

My dream project would be to do Ashleyʼs makeup for a high fashion cat walk shoot. I think he would look fabulous, ha ha.












Recently I worked on a magazine cover that featured accomplished women. Doing their makeup was a privilege; some had overcome incredible odds.

My goal is to oversee subcontractors in the wedding industry and personally do more high end photographic and fashion work.

I take a lot of pride in my work and always try to exceed expectations. Its a great career and want to be the very best I can be."














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Title: Make-Up Artist - Kate Witherington
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