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We have just recently launched our new dedicated Time lapse and site monitoring company Blackbox. At Blackbox, we have unparalleled experience photographing the largest and most challenging mining, construction and infrastructure projects in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. One of the most exciting developments in recent years is time lapse photography for building, engineering and creative projects. Fullframe Photographics are leading the field for time lapse production in Queensland, both in terms of experience and technological advancement. Whether you need to capture a short term project, or one spanning years, we have designed our systems to be robust, self contained, easy to install and maintain on any job site.  
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Key Features

  • Short or long term: We have a range of systems for any situation, from portable weather proof systems for short term projects, solar powered self contained 3G systems that can operate for years through to small compact roving cameras for capturing multiple points of view.
  • Site Monitoring: Do you need to access image instantly for monitoring or reporting? Our remote systems instantly uploads high resolution images to a secure online web gallery for fast and easy access.
  • Remote camera access: Our 3G Time lapse systems allow us to remotely monitor, update settings and maintain your camera. This reduces the amount of time required on location and ensures the system is capturing every moment of your project.
  • Portable Camera Systems: A skilled photographer and roving camera can be utilised during key milestones to capture aspects of your project from multiple angles. This greatly increases the production quality of your final time lapse sequence.
  • 18 Megapixels: We use dedicated digital SLR technology that delivers an amazing 18 megapixel image, better quality than any IP or webcam. This allows us to capture more detail than ever before.

Our Time Lapse Process

We work with you to plan the most effective way to capture your project through time lapse photography. After an initial location scout, we develop a production plan, highlighting the best vantage points, mounting options and power requirements for each camera installation; as well as the recommended rate of capture. Once approved, we obtain all permissions and permits required for installation and system access and complete all Job Safety Assessments prior to installation. Systems are then installed, checked and regularly maintained to ensure that every frame captured is downloaded and backed up throughout the project. The final step is post production and video editing to ensure the final movie shows every detail of your project.

Time Lapse: Airport Link Tunnel Boring Machine

We have just launched our new dedicated Time lapse company and website Blackbox. Click the link links below to visit the new site and see our latest productions.

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Title: Time Lapse Photographers | Time Lapse Video | Construction Time Lapse
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