Web Design and Development Credits

Graphic Design by Hormazd Khodaiji

Hormazd Khodaiji, lead designer for Fullframe Photographics, created the graphics and layout used for the design of the Fullframe website.


Web Design by Fullframe and v2Media

The entire team at Fullframe was involved in the design phase of the website. v2Media steered the design process to within the limitations of webpage design. Graphic designs were converted to webpage templates by v2Media.


Copy Writing by Michael Roach & Mark Senden

Michael Roach, manager of Fullframe, is the author of the main content of the Fullframe website. Mark Senden of v2Media is the copy editor.


Wordpress Theme Development & SEO by v2Media

The Fullframe website is powered by Wordpress. The Wordpress theme that drives the Fullframe website was custom built by v2Media. Search Engine Optimisation for the Fullframe website is also by v2Media.

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v2Media incorporated several opensource projects into the presentation layer of the Wordpress theme for Fullframe. These projects include:-

  • Advanced webpage DHTML by jQuery
  • jQuery UI for modal windows
  • jQuery Cycle Plugin for category page slideshows

Myriad Pro is typeface for the website is displayed using Cufon.


The Fullframe website requires Internet Explorer version 8 or higher for correct display.